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French Riviera 2006 with Gene Summers & Jean-Philippe Provezano

THIERRY LE COZ started out in music in the Paris neighbourhood circa 1979 with his school mates. They were then very young. 15-year old THIERRY was the singer and lead guitarist, JEAN- PHILIPPE PROVENZANO (15): rhythm guitar, DIDIER " ZIO TIREAU (16): upright bass and YANICK PROVENZANO ( then only 11 year-old !): drums.
They soon built themselves a little reputation. They soon got discovered by brandnew BIG BEAT RECORDS label owner JACKY CHALARD who signed them for a first 10 inch album.
The TEENKATS were one of the first bands to record for the label as soon as 1981 alongside the likes of CRAZY CAVAN, MEMPHIS ROCKABILLY BAND, SONNY FISHER, JACK SCOTT, EDDIE FONTAINE etc. And also the late great VINCE TAYLOR who was on a serious come-back trail then. A single followed in 1982. Then the group changed its name which became CASANOVA . A single got released in 1984. Media coverage ensued in the radio,TV and written press. Many gigs took place in France, Belgium, Holland, Spain and even Algeria.

Austin TX 2010 with his brand new band " Cran d'arrêt "।

With Link Wray

with Rosie Flores

With James Burton & his son Liam Le Coz।

with Billy Joe Shaver

with Jimmie Vaughan

with Calvin Russell

With the « American Dream » pushing and shoving in the young man’s brain THIERRY LE COZ went to settle in Austin, Texas in 1984. In no time he became a part of the ever burgeoning Austin musical scene. He formed the WILL AND THE KILLcombo with famous local bass player ALEX NAPIER and the young WILL SEXTON. Thierry also played lead guitar for many 50’s rockabilly luminaries like GENE SUMMERS, JACKIE LEE COCHRAN, JOHNNY CARROLL . Also for younger artists like RICH MINUS, CALVIN RUSSELL, CHARLIE SEXTON, THE LEROI BROTHERS, etc .In 1991 Thierry moved to LA. With some help from the GO GO’S KATHY VALENTINE he played with many many LA outfits. A little later he gathered a few musos who became the KNOCKOUT DROPS . That name was chosen at BRIAN SETZER’S suggestion himself. Then back in Austin he recorded his first solo album HOME in 1997. French star DICK RIVERS wrote a novel called TEXAS BLUES . Thierry’s US ventures gave DR the general inspiration for his book. In 1999 the TEEN KATS records made it onto shiny: FROM TEENKATS TO CASANOVA . 2002 saw the release of a superb THIERRY LE COZ CD and DVD: TEX-FRENCH CONNECTION on BIG BEAT RECORDS. Then out came a new US solo self-written album CHROME. Always faithful to his origins Thierry got involved in a lot of musical styles aside from pure Rockabilly.

With Casanova 1983

LA with Kathy Valentine

Thierry still lives in Texas and writes his own songs while playing with local artists like the LEROI BROTHERS, and more recently with an Austin,TX group named : CRAN D'ARRET। Before the next DVD release to be out on BIG BEAT RECORDS of a gig that was held in Paris MERIDIAN, he was at RETRO BETHUNE on August 28 reuniting with his TEEN KATS.
To mark the 50th anniversary of the English GENE VINCENT and EDDIE COCHRAN tour he will be back to sing and play in France
on November 19,20 and 21, then in December (more details later) in Etréchy (France) to celebrate along with the Teen Kats their 30th anniversary since they first started out as a group

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Paris 2002
with Vince Taylor 1982
with Teen Kats 1982

Teen Kats first 10' inch 1981

French Riviera 2005 with Didier Marty & Didier " Zio" Tireau

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